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Top 3 Reasons Behind the Skills Gap

We speak with decision makers on a daily basis and ask their reasons behind talent/skills shortages within their organization and industry. Here are the top 3 responses we get:

  1. We have not invested enough in training to develop the skills
  2. We cannot pay what candidates demand
  3. It’s difficult to attract candidates to our industry with the skills we need

What Companies are Doing About it?

  1. Hire for Culture Fit and Train Up
  2. Increase Performance by Trading Up
  3. Improve Processes and utilization of Technology/Tools

The theme of doing more without investing more continues to be prevalent in our conversations. Increasingly, companies are conducting deeper audits of their People, Process and Technology, trying to find any and all areas to increase efficiencies and compete more effectively in the market.

The search for high potential, high performing talent that gets what you do and is a fit within your organization is something you can outsource to folks like us. Once on board it’s up to the organization to train, engage and retain them. Look for future posts where we will discuss each of these topics in further detail.

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