Thinkpivot Talent Solutions

Thinkpivot RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing)

Thinkpivot’s RPO services are designed to support you with one or all parts of your recruitment process, when and where you need it.

This allows you the ability to scale up without hiring talent acquisition beyond its sustainability within your organization.  Our RPO services can be a fixed fee or an hourly service at your convenience, comprehensive or individual.  Typical services include:

Candidate Filtering

  • Funneling and ranking of inbound candidates based on resume 
  • Interview and screen inbound candidates
  • Manage the flow of candidates
  • Contact each and every applicant protecting your brand and reputation as employer
  • We educate candidates on the values of working for you; predisposing them to accept your offer

Just-In-Time Recruiting

  • We can provide you help and support for an hour, a day or more  
  • Whatever you need, when you need it

Confidential and Proactive Searches

  • We offer our traditional services in your RPO agreement to fully support you in your hiring needs
  • Uncover the passive star job seekers in your marketplace
  • Broadcast your hiring need throughout our network privately or publicly as required
  • Full cycle from discovery to your onboarding process
  • Headhunting at its highest level

Analysis and Reporting on:

  • Career portal
  • Job postings
  • Canadian hiring marketplace
    • Candidate Cost (Salary, bonus, commission etc) by market
    • # of Candidates in a given market
    • Competitor information
  • Candidate opinions on your organization and brand
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